MM Historical Society Talk: Thursday January 9th 8.00pm – The Heritage and History of Ancient Syria

The Heritage and History of Ancient Syria

Syria has been buffeted by the whirlwind of history, from Alexander the Great, the Romans, Crusaders, the Ottomans and up to the present. Michael Barry charts out the story of the country up to the eve of the present conflict, using a collection of photos of outstanding mosques, crusader castles and Greco-Roman remains including Palmyra, before it was destroyed.

Author and historian Michael B. Barry, from West Cork, studied in Trinity College and lives in Dublin. He has worked on transportation projects both in Ireland and around the world. With a strong interest in history and heritage, Michael has written many books including Homage to Al-Andalus and Victorian Dublin Revealed. In recent years he has completed a trilogy of critically acclaimed books on the Irish Revolution, from 1916 to 1923. In 2011 he wrote the eBook ‘Beyond the Chaos, the Remarkable Heritage of Syria’. Last year he received an award from the Irish Academy of Engineering ‘in recognition of a lifelong and outstanding contribution to engineering heritage in Ireland’.

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