Mount Merrion remains an election poster free zone.

Mount Merrion remains an election poster free zone.

Did you know that for over 70 years Mount Merrion has been an election poster free zone? On Thursday morning last a number a very alert residents noticed that election posters had been erected on South Avenue, The Rise and Trees Road.  Des Smyth President of the MMRA immediately wrote to the political parties reminding them of our 70 year agreement and the offending posters were removed. See Des’s letter below:

No doubt you are in for a very busy few weeks so this will be brief.

Since the erection of posters is outsourced it is inevitable that the contractors will erect them in places where there is a prohibition on erecting election posters.

The 34 Roads of MOUNT MERRION are on the NO POSTER list. This agreement with Political Parties and Individuals has been in place for more than 70 years.

If there are posters for your Party/Candidate already erected in Mount Merrion please arrange for their removal and advise HQ of the situation.—We appreciate the prompt action of one major Party who were on the ball at dawn and has arranged for poster removal. There are others.

Thank you and Good Campaigning,

Des Smyth MMRA