Thornhill Road – New Trees Water Appeal


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MMRA in cooperation with dlr County Council negotiated the installation of 8 new trees on Thornhill Road in 2019.  These trees are now in real danger of dying unless watered, with a bucket of water, every day.  The severe drought means the water table is really low and cannot be accessed by young roots.  Grey water, previously used for washing is quite acceptable for these trees.


  • between no 15, no 17, no 19 and no 21
  • between no 22 and 24
  • between no 29 and no 31 – dying, needs a lot of water
  • between no 33 and no 35 – doing well but needs daily water (Weeping Birch)
  • between no 37 and no 39 – badly in need of water
  • between no 54 and no 56
  • between no 64 and no 68 (Birch tree)
  • between no 70 and no 72 – badly in need of water

It really took a lot of work to get these trees installed, please help us ensure they survive.