Pedestrian Safety – Sharing the Road Safely

Pedestrian Safety – Sharing the Road Safely

Motorists, cyclists young and old, skate boarders and scooterists’ please be mindful of other path and road users as you come and go.  Please keep a special look-out for children and elderly pedestrians.

With the start of construction at Cherrygarth and evenings getting darker, all road users need take extra care when driving, cycling, or scootering around Mount Merrion.  With busy roads and new trucks in the area there are many blind spots for residents coming in and out of their driveways.

Motorists please slow down.  Park safely, and with consideration for local residents, buggies, wheel-chair users, and pedestrians.  Please do not block gates, park on double yellow lines or in a way that might obscure the visibility of oncoming traffic for others.

Pedestrians and Cyclists be safe and be seen.

The Road Safety Authority and Citizens Information websites have some useful information links.

Cycling Safety

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Pedestrian Safety

Sharing the Road Safely