An Post Services & Pension Collection Options for Cocooners

An Post are rolling out a number of services to facilitate those cocooning and self-isolating at home.   For full details see:


Pensions & Social Welfare Payments:

If you are unable to collect your pension at the post office, you can nominate someone to collect it on your behalf.   A nominated Temporary Agent may collect the payment on your behalf, on production of the necessary ID and documentation.   You must fill out a form to nominate an agent.  The form (TA1) is available at the post office and on the An Post website.  Someone can pick it up for you or you can download it from this link below.



An Post Postmen and Postwomen will call to the front doors of older and vulnerable customers along their delivery route, particularly those who are living alone.  They will check on their well-being and check if they are in need of any support.

Note: An Post Postmen and women will:

  • Always wear an An Post uniform and carry An Post ID
  • Adhere to HSE protocols and maintain 2 metre safe social distancing

Post any Outgoing Mail on your behalf:

If an elderly person has a mail item they need collecting, they can put a sign in their window that says I HAVE MAIL and the postal delivery staff will collect it on their route.