New Perennial Planting Deerpark

Planting at entrance to Deerpark

New perennial planting scheme completed at Deerpark on Mount Anville Road

The new perennial planting scheme the DLR Parks piloted this summer has been completed at the entrance to Deerpark on Mount Anville Road.  MMRA is delighted our local park has been chosen for this very exciting project.

DLR Parks selected two high profile areas in the County, one at the entrance to Deerpark, and one outside the LexIcon in Dún Laoghaire.

The aim of this planting is to provide high quality sustainable herbaceous floral displays in high profile areas that have in the past been difficult to maintain.  These displays will be continuous, require minimal maintenance, and will also be pollinator friendly.

The planting schemes will entail the removal of the existing grass, planting and topsoil, and its replacement with certified weed free subsubstrate into which the herbacaous plants are planted at a high density. This type of planting has been carried out successfully for many years in Holland and Germany, and is guaranteed for at least ten years weed free.

DLR Parks are working with a specialist company from Holland this year for the design and planting, with the intention that Irish growers and contractors will become involved through the procurement process into the future.