Road Safety & Traffic Update

New double yellow lines at junction The Rise/Trees Road LowerThank you to the Traffic Advisory Group (TAG) for installing Double Yellow Lines at the busy T junction of The Rise and Trees Road Lower.  Hopefully this will improve visibility of oncoming traffic for road users at this busy junction.  Approved by TAG in October it was great to see the lines painted ahead of Q1 2021 schedule.  The tree pits and traffic calming islands along Trees Road Lower and Sycamore Road also got a facelift with fresh road safety painting by DLRCC Transportation team.

Trees Road Lower Tree Pit - Kerb Cleanup Day 11/2020

Street Tree Pits on Trees Road Lower - freshly repainted by DLR County Council Transportation

Traffic calming island on Trees Road lower freshly painted 12/2020

Freshly painted traffic calming island on Sycamore Road Dec-2020






MMRA hope to have a new Traffic Sub Committee in place in the new year.  Already a very willing team of interested residents have come forward with their skills and expertise at the ready.

WeCount Dublin Project

There is an interesting UCD-led European traffic study currently being piloted in Dublin called WeCount Dublin Project

WeCount, an EU Citizen Scientist initiative, aims to give ordinary people hard data on what is happening outside their properties so that they can create informed solutions to local road and transport issues.

The project is currently being piloted in five European cities, Dublin, Madrid, Ljubljana, Cardiff and Leuven, and in Ireland it is being overseen by Associate Professor Francesco Pilla, from the UCD School of Architecture, Planning and Environmental Policy and co-director at the UCD Spatial Dynamics Lab.

Residents are gathering data to discuss traffic issues relevant to each city. This may include car vs bike traffic, traffic speed, air pollution, and road improvements for active mobility. WeCount is working with Telraam to gather this data with citizens.  For more details see

Horizon 2020: UCD led WeCount project allows Irish households to record outside traffic or email