Vacant Houses: Summertime Security Tips

If your home is going to be vacant during the summer period;

1. Ask a trusted neighbour or family member to conduct frequent checks of the property at different times of the day to note any signs of trespassing or interference

2. Ensure the house alarm is set

3. Check all doors and windows are secure. (Use deadbolt locks if property is to be vacant for long periods)

4. Install timers on internal lights and motion detectors on external lights to make the house appear occupied and offer natural surveillance of the property

5. Ensure that the building doesn’t look neglected. Cut the grass, trim hedges etc.

6. Ask a neighbour to collect post or if you are going to be away for longer periods arrange a ‘mail minder’ service with An Post to retain post for collection and place a ‘No Junk Mail’ sign on letter-box

7. Inform Blackrock Garda Station about the premises being vacant to afford passing attention on patrols (Phone: 01 666 5200)


If you are going on holiday and your home is going to be vacant, be mindful of what you post on social media. Even if you have enabled strict privacy settings, your holiday plans could be shared with unscrupulous people.

1. Don’t post status updates about your holidays while you’re still away

2. Don’t post pictures while you’re away

3. Respect other people’s privacy, don’t tag others while you and they are on holidays

4. Avoid posting upcoming travel plans

5. Consider turning off the location sharing setting of your phone’s camera app


Sergeant  James Malone

Crime Prevention Officer, Dún Laoighaire Rathdown

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