Flanagans Site: Deerpark Road Traffic & Parking

Traffic congestion on Deerpark Road has become worse in recent days. Reduction of available off-street parking due to the removal of the Flanagans car park, closure of the front entrance to the Union Café car park, the reduction of available parking in that car park together with construction activity on Flanagans site, and the popularity of the nearby playground has exacerbated the existing problem. Essential delivery vans and local customers have difficulty travelling to and parking at the shops and other local businesses.

The Contractor has, in accordance with the license that he has obtained from DRLCC, infilled the 1.50m layby (which adjoined the footpath along the frontage of the Flanagans site) with a raised, to footpath level, concrete slab as the floor of the proposed temporary covered pedestrian walkway. This walkway and concrete slab will be removed when the Contractor ceases to need his hoarding (not before May 2021). Hence the 7-8 car parking spaces (parallel parking), that protruded about 1.0m into the road width, but still served as useful parking, will now be unavailable until at least May 2021.

The Contractor has agreed with MMRA to request DLRCC to reinstate the layby and the double yellow lines when the hoarding is no longer required and to ensure that construction related vehicles will not park on Deerpark Road (except for occasional early morning set down). The reinstatement of the layby and the double yellow lines will restore that element to its previous status.

Improvement of the overall traffic congestion on Deerpark Road is going to require a more detailed consultation process involving all relevant parties – local residents, shop owners, other business owners, DLRCC Roads Section, local councillors etc. Such consultations are difficult due to current virus restriction but must be progressed as soon as possible.

If you would like to volunteer for the MMRA Traffic Committee to help address this issue please get in touch.

Please email us at mmra@mountmerrion.ie to report any traffic issues.


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