Volunteers Needed – A message fro Kate Canning

Volunteers Needed – A message fro Kate Canning

2017! As we head into 2017, I cannot help but think of the World News!

Brexit, the new American administration and the situation in the North of Ireland are issues that will in some way affect all of us.

Here in Mount Merrion we have our own potential difficulties around Development, the Environment and Traffic. Our MMRA Planning Committee has been trying to influence the type and shape of commercial developments in Mount Merrion to ensure that we maintain and enhance the unique nature of the area. This is being done by working with local public representatives, and making observations to Dun Laoghaire Rathdown CC and An Bord Pleanala on all proposed developments. This also involves keeping you informed and seeking your support and ideas.

2016 was a busy year and 2017 will be even busier!

The Environment Committee have been working with the Parks Department on trees and the planting of bulbs and flowers for the Spring, keeping a look out on the issues of litter, graffiti, the condition of the roads as well as the increase of traffic.

Traffic and its impact on our lives in Mount Merrion will become a focus in 2017.We also keep in close contact with the Gardai regarding security in our area.

2016 demonstrated the power of the Community when we all pull together? We are all in this together! Why not get involved?


If you feel strongly about any issues that have been mentioned why not contact MMRA and offer your help? If you think you could help in any way, why not get involved?

If you are not a member, then I ask that you seriously consider joining us. Our strength is in our unity.