MMRA Winter Art Competition – 2nd Prize Winners

Fox by Eileen Quinn, over 65 category

Age Category 65+: Fox on dark background by Eileen Quinn

'The Fox on the Rise' by Mark Daly

Age Category 19-64 years: ‘The Fox on the Rise’ by Mark Daly


'Rose' by Kathleen O'Kelly (age 16)

Age Category 15-18 years: ‘Rose’ by Kathleen O’Kelly (age 16)

"Dog In The Grass" by Maria Daly (age 14)

Age Category 11-14 years:  ‘Dog In The Grass’ by Maria Daly (age 14).  This picture was inspired by my dog Dobby, he likes running in long grass and I took a photo of him sniffing a buttercup. It is a watercolour painting.

'Mrs Fox' by Emma Bracken (age 9)

Age Category 10 and Under: ‘Mrs Fox’ by Emma Bracken (age 9)