Honourable Treasurer MMRA – Applications Welcome

After many years of fine service Brendan McManus will be stepping down as Honourable Treasurer of the MMRA.  The election of the new Hon Treasurer will take place at the MMRA Annual General Meeting (date to be confirmed). The Treasurer is a member of the MMRA Executive Committee and to be appointed must have been a member of the MMRA for the preceding year.

Hon Treasurer Duties include:

  • Making bank lodgements and cheque/cash payments
  • Reconciling the bank account and reporting on the financial transactions to the monthly MMRA Executive Committee meeting
  • Produce the Annual Receipts & Payments Accounts for the Auditors (Hon) and have it certified for circulation to members and the AGM
  • Subscription by cash/cheque payments are collected, receipts given and the payments with the duplicate receipt book given to the Treasurer for recording and lodging in bank
  • Payments can be made by electronic fund transfer as advised by the MMRA Subscription Collector and also set out on the MMRA website.  These have to be reconciled with the monthly bank statement.  Payment advices, sequentially numbered, show the members details – name, address, amount paid are recorded.

If you are an MMRA member and would like to be considered for this voluntary position please contact mmra@mountmerrion.ie.

The Annual General Meeting for 2019 due to take place on April 23rd, 2020 was postponed due to Covid-19.  New date to be confirmed.

MMRA Committee Members