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Talk November 2nd: Paisanos: The Forgtten Irish who Changed the Face of Latin America

Writer and historian Tim Fanning traces the colourful history of Irish emigration to Spanish America, beginning in the sixteenth century. In the early nineteenth century, the Irish fought for the achievement of independence in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador and Mexico. Many of these Irish men and women later played significant roles in the development of the Latin American republics.

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Deerpark Closed Today for Safety Reasons

DeerPark is closed. It will remain closed at least until tomorrow. When it reopens please be careful of broken branches etc.
We urge you to follow the advice to stay indoors and follow the news. Also look out for elderly neighbours

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Finding and Walking Little Rivers of South Dublin – Illustrated Talk on October 5th

Mount Merrion Historical Society are hosting an illustrated talk by Brian Hollinshead on October 5th in the Community Centre. A story about tracing, mapping, finding and walking some of the forgotten little rivers of South Dublin. One gem of a waterway in North Dublin will also be discussed. There will be both historic and modern map images to illustrate how prominently many of those rivers have been mapped, in some cases since the late 1700s.

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Food Sharing Project – Falling Fruit

‘Falling Fruit’ acts as a helpful service to households who have fruit going to waste in their gardens. They are looking for volunteers to pick seasonal fruit and distribute it to local charities or other good causes.

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